Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 Projects with Blank White Shirts

Blank white shirts are the ideal canvas for your creative projects. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-do project for a youth group, a camp arts and crafts project or to hand out for a family or class reunion, start with a blank white shirt and fancy it up with one of these ideas.
Tie Dye Girl T-Shirts
Get your tween girls in on some creative fun with white t-shirts and a couple of packets of dye. Tie-dyeing t-shirts makes a great party activity for a sunny afternoon, and if you set up in the yard, you’ll have a minimal amount of cleanup to do.
Part of the Family
Matching short sleeve t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts make family reunions more fun, but having them custom-made can really ding your budget. Shop for some plain t-shirts from Kavio! to cut the costs and print up your own iron-on t-shirt decals with specialty paper.
Arts and Crafts T-Shirt Projects
If you run an after-school program or a summer youth program, creative projects can keep your kids motivated and out of trouble. Keep a ready supply of plain white tees for youth, tee shirts for girls and tee shirts in assorted other sizes bought online in bulk. When you need a project for a rainy afternoon, pull out the blank white shirts and fabric crayons, fabric paints, glue-on rhinestone gems or screen printing kits and let the kids go to town.
Fundraise with Tee Shirts
Need a cash infusion for your club or a class project? Create a special tee shirt and sell them to fund your activities. Start with blank white shirts from Kavio! cuts your costs and gives you higher quality t-shirts so your club gets to keep more of the profits.
Paint Your Own Blank T-Shirt Booth
Looking for a clever idea for a carnival booth for your next school or club event? Lay in a supply of vintage t-shirts and load up water pistols with watered-down fabric dye. Add $5 to the price of the white shirts bought in bulk and hand over a water gun to festival goers so they can create their own splatter-dyed tee shirts and you’ll rake in the dough.
T-shirts are ideal for many projects and applications, but paying full price can really put a crimp in your budget. If you’re a camp director, youth group coordinator or the person organizing a family reunion, you can save a hefty chunk of cash by purchasing your blank shirts from Kavio!