Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beat High Prices By Buying Baby Clothing Online

Baby clothing can get awfully expensive awfully quick. Fashionable baby clothes commands premium prices at the mall and specialty stores. Unfortunately, those high prices can put a real strain on mom and dad’s wallets, who are often reduced to buying boring baby clothes at discount department stores once they’ve run through all the fancy duds received as gifts at baby showers and christenings. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Kavio! can help you beat high prices with fashionable, functional baby clothes at prices that are kind to your wallet.

When you’re stocking up on everyday pieces of infant clothing, it makes sense to get the best pricing possible. You want clothes that wear like iron without feeling like iron, and that don’t put a hole through your budget. Comfortable, 100% cotton jersey is an ideal fabric for baby’s first few years. It wears well, cleans well and doesn’t chafe your little one’s delicate skin. When you buy online, you can order in multiple colors and often get a quantity discount for stocking up on the baby clothing you need.

Stock-up Specials – The Baby Clothes You Need In Multiples

Some baby clothes lend themselves to stocking up just as you would stock up on underwear for your older children. These most popular and useful items are ones that you should have on hand in multiples, in mix and match colors so that baby always looks adorable and feels comfortable.

T-Shirt Rompers

Short sleeve t shirts,  v neck shirts or long sleeve shirts, one-piece rompers are an easy-dress solution for baby clothes. They cover enough to prevent delicate skin from sunburns, but are lightweight and absorbent, to keep baby cool and wick sweat away. In the winter, the ones fashioned after long sleeve t shirts are great for romping on chilly floors. More fashionable than onesies, the romper's one-piece design is also the perfect solution to keeping baby clothes on and in place. One of these is never enough – grab a handful in different colors so you’ve always got one on hand for quick changes.

Diaper Covers

100% soft cotton diaper covers look like shorts, but are designed to fit comfortably over bulky diapers. The soft-ribbed cuffs and elastic waist keep them from chafing and ensure that they stay put when you put them on. Match them up with short sleeve t shirts in matching or contrasting colors for maximum wardrobe flexibility.

Burp Cloths and Bibs

In addition to baby clothing, look for online deals on other must-have items for baby, including  burp cloths and bibs to keep you and baby clean during and after feeding. From fashionable clothing to the basics, you'll find plenty of options for baby clothes when you shop online at Kavio!