Saturday, April 30, 2011

Four Top Styles in T-Shirts for Summer

What’s hot for summer this year? As always, the forecast calls for T-shirts to be top sellers, with blank T-shirts in various styles topping the list. This year’s most in-demand tops include novelty dye patterns, bright colors and T-shirts with neck and sleeve cuts designed for girls. It's been a chilly spring across parts of the country, and people are ready for summer by checking out the best T-shirt styles.

Burnout Tees

Easily the hottest fashion trend of the year, burnout T-shirts rock the look in both men’s and women’s T-shirt styles. In men’s styles, gray, brown, indigo and black, with camouflage patterns still leading the pack in fashion. The cut for guys’ burnouts tends to be closer, so a slim-cut look has been a popular one. The most popular colors for women’s burnout tees are saturated brights, such as saffron yellow, vibrant violets and super-saturated deep, hot pinks. Camo prints are also popular in girls’ shirts, but look for pink and purple in leopard spot designs that show up well against the acid-burned fabric.

Tanks and A-Shirts

Tank tops and athletic shirts in colors that match your burnout T-shirts make a great pairing. This spring’s runway models all sported skinny burnout T-shirts worn over matching ribbed tanks and A-shirts. Also hot are extra-long sheer tanks with deep v-necks, in camouflage or burnout patterns, designed to be worn over leggings, jeans or a bathing suit.

Super Soft Sheers

Skip the heavyweight cotton shirts this summer. The in T-shirt styles are all lightweight, soft and nearly sheer. Comfortable, breathable fabrics and hot colors combine to make sheer T-shirts among your favorites this year.

Baseball Cap Sleeve Tees

Two-tone baseball tees were a fashion must a few years ago. This year, the two-tone is back for juniors, but the sleeve is an abbreviated shoulder-hugging cap sleeve. Match them up with jersey boy shorts for a sporty, kicky look.