Thursday, April 21, 2011

Must-Have T-Shirts for This Spring

T-shirts never quite go out of style, but every once in a while they make a huge fashion comeback. This spring is one of those times. Fashion T-shirts are among the hottest styles on the spring runways. If you’re freshening up your closet for a fashion-forward look, these four junior T-shirts styles should be on your got-to-buy list.


Burnout fabrics made their first appearance on the fashion runways a couple of years back in formal and prom wear, but the dye technique has made its way into this year’s casual spring lines in a big way. Soft, worn and very wearable, burnout T-shirts make a big splash on the fashion scene with vibrant colors and stunning sublimation prints. They come in every style and color imaginable, but if you can just have one, choose a long-length, skinny, long-sleeve T-shirt that you can wear over a matching or contrasting tank, or pull on over your bikini on the beach.

2. Sleeveless Crew Neck T-shirts

Available in a rainbow of colors, sleeveless crew neck tees may be the single most versatile shirts you’ll ever own. Worn with shorts or yoga pants, they’re ideal for working out. Tuck the hem into neat slacks or a skirt, top with a jacket and you’ve got a chic office outfit. With jeans, skorts or your favorite sweats, these comfortable 100% cotton T-shirts are an absolute necessity in your wardrobe. The low, low prices make it easy to fill your closet but if you can only pick up one or two, go for a sizzling bright color to pick up your energy or a neutral black or gray that you can wear with almost anything.

3. Boat Neck Tee

Simple, sweet and subtly sexy, boat neck tees are making a fashion statement like never before. The wide neckline bares your collarbone, and the straps of your favorite tank top, but modestly covers the tops of your shoulders. The eye-catching style is a hit with a slim pencil skirt for the office, or layered over a tank top and worn with jeans for casual flair.

4. Skinny Strap Tank Tops

Flirty and fun, skinny strap tank tops are a fashion basic that go with everything. Where them under burnout T-shirts, or pop V-neck or boat neck T-shirt over one and let the straps peek out teasingly, or wear one on its own for maximum wow power. They come in all sorts of fabrics and colors, and are among the least expensive of all T-shirt styles, so you can easily build a collection to go with all of your outfits.

If you haven’t gone T-shirt shopping in a while, this is the season to do it. Check out the fabulous and flirty new T-shirts in silhouettes and colors just right for this spring.