Friday, April 29, 2011

Trendy T-shirts for Spring 2011

T-shirts are at the top of the casual fashion must-have list this spring. A great T-shirt never goes out of style, but this season’s fashion tees go beyond the tried and true. If you’re looking for a quick fashion rehab, there’s no better pick-me-up for your tired wardrobe than one or more of this season’s trendiest T-shirts. Here’s what’s on the horizon for spring and summer’s tee shirt fashion forecast.

Camouflage T-Shirts Make a Comeback

You’re in the Army now! Camouflage patterns are super-hot this spring, but look for novel twists on this classic look. Camouflage patterns top the list, with unusual colors – or both together – following close behind. For girls, T-shirt looks include camouflage in pink and rose or aqua and blue tones. Guys T-shirt fashions include classic jungle camo, desert camo and camo patterns in gray and black.

Classic Blank White T-Shirts

White t-shirts are at the top of the fashion A-list, but put away the store-brand undie tees. This year’s styles feature skinnier profiles to accent and flatter your figure, cap sleeves and unusual neck treatments, including twisted rib necks and boat necks. Pair a white fashion tee shirt with a skirt and jacket for the office, or tuck it into a pair of fashionable cargo pants for a casual weekend look.

Vintage T-Shirts Make an Appearance

Vintage-inspired 70s t-shirts are popping up all over the runways and on the beaches. They sport peace signs, flower power symbols and psychedelic prints inspired by the Psychedelic Seventies. Hot pink, orange, purple and turquoise – all of them in vintage burnout splendor.

The New Black

Coral is the new black… or is it hot pink? Turquoise? Orange? If there’s a new black this spring, it’s hard to find. The only real rule is the brighter the better. Solid bright t-shirts pair up with jeans, shorts, cargo pants and your favorite skirt. Dress up a girls T-shirt in sunflower yellow with strands of chains and beads and tuck it into a tiered cotton lacy skirt for a retro look that’s fresh and new.

See-Through Sheers

Burnout t-shirts set the transparency trend, but it was only the start. This spring, grab an oversize hoodie t-shirt in a hot color and a threadbare burnout dye treatment and pop it over a matching or contrasting tank-top t-shirt. See-throughs and sheers are at the top of the must-have list, worn over skinny tanks and A-shirts and belted jeans.

Those are just a few of the hottest fashion t-shirts for this spring, but they’ll give you a head start on putting together a comfortable, casual and totally fashionable wardrobe for the warmer months.