Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boys T-Shirt Styles for Fashion-Conscious Comfort

There’s a long-standing perception that boys don’t care about fashion. Any mother with teen boys will tell you that’s a myth. While boys may not scan fashion magazines with the intensity that girls do, boys can be just as fashion-conscious as girls. The biggest differences between boys fashion and girls fashion is that boys also demand comfort in their fashionable clothing. That’s why the perennial staple in a boy’s wardrobe is the boys t-shirt. With today’s new styles, your son can easily live in t-shirts and still be on top of the fashion world. If you’re blessed with a son who loves to look trendy, these top boys t-shirt styles will make him a happy camper this summer.

Long Sleeve Hoodie Boys T-Shirt

If your boy loves his hoodie, but has to put it away for the summer, indulge his fashion sense with a long sleeve t-shirt hoodie. The lightweight cotton fabric is cooler to wear in the summer, and the hood says “style” in a loud voice. On a practical note, long sleeve T-shirt hoodies are the ideal beach cover-up for boys who burn easily, thanks to long sleeves and to a lightweight hood that will protect his scalp from burning.

Vintage T-Shirts with Unique Dye Patterns

New dye techniques have opened up a world of possibilities for boys t-shirt variations. Silicon and acid washes create a funky crinkled dye look that boys love. Choose from perennial favorite boy colors like black, charcoal gray and denim blue, or let him take a walk on the wild side with turquoise, pink or even purple. The 100% cotton guarantees a comfortable fit and the splashy dye pattern will make these t-shirts his favorites for everyday wear.

Camo T-Shirts Never Go Out of Style

And they’re back again this summer. The newest twist on the camouflage trend is a heathery dye treatment that gives the shirts a worn-in, comfortable look and feel. Basic army green camo is still the hottest look on the fashion front, but desert sand and concrete gray are high on the must-have boys shirt list, and blue and pink camouflage prints are nearly as popular with boys as they are with girls.

Baseball Tees Hit the Big Time

Contrast raglan sleeves and crew neck ribbing turn a basic boys t-shirt into a fashion classic—the baseball tee shirt. The sporty look is a favorite with athletic boys, in large part because the raglan sleeve styling is so comfortable. Pick up a few in his favorite sports team’s colors and watch the smile spread from ear to ear. Just because your number one son lives in t-shirts doesn’t mean he has no fashion sense. Choose from some of the top boys t-shirt styles to make him a happy camper this summer.