Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashion T-Shirts To Live in This Summer

If T-shirts aren’t already one of your wardrobe staples, this summer’s selection of tees should change all that. With new neck styles, new colors, new dye treatments and new prints, T-shirts make a whole new style statement this coming season. From morning to night, from office to casual to night on the town, this year’s fashion shirts will completely rock your wardrobe. If you have any doubts, check out these hot trends to see what’s new and hot in the world of juniors tops this summer.

Vintage T-Shirts come out for another whirl in the fashion spotlight this year. You can comb the thrift shops looking for tees from the 70s, or you can do the next best thing—fill your closet with updated vintage t-shirt styles. Look for combinations of tie-dye and burnout shirts that show off the best of two decades at once. The barely-sheer effect of burnout dye techniques pair with bold, bright, psychedelic tie dye for a whole new fashion t-shirt paradigm. Other vintage tee looks to look for include camouflage t-shirts and junior tees with vintage toy and Disney characters worked into the designs.

Basic t-shirts go way beyond the basic this season. Crew neck t-shirts are fashion classics that take on a whole new life when you run them through the latest in sublimation dye techniques. Update your summer office look with classic crew neck t-shirts in a rainbow of colors from sherbet cool watermelon to sunburst orange and citrus green. Tuck fashion t-shirts into a pair of slacks for the office or pop an oversize t-shirt over your bathing suit on the beach for a pair of hot summer looks.

Burnouts offer the soft feel of a t-shirt that’s worn in just right and the fresh look of bright, bold colors and nearly-sheer styling. The burnout dye technique uses acid etching to eat away at the fabric, giving your fashion t-shirts a fabulously threadbare look that’s perfect worn over tank tops in matching or contrasting colors. Grab a handful of burnout t-shirts in solid colors and bright patterns, including ombre, paisley and camouflage in pink, blue, purple and acid green.

T-shirts have been ideal summer wear for decades, thanks to the cool comfort of 100 percent cotton. This year, the fashion t-shirts come in more fun and fabulous styles than ever before. Spice up your summer wardrobe with lace-top t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, tank tops and long sleeve t-shirts in this summer’s hottest colors and latest styles. You’ll live in them from sunup to sunup.