Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five Fresh Ways to Wear T-Shirts

Lowly T-shirts have become the hottest fashion item in your closet. Once the go-to casual item for counter-culture teens, T-shirts have outgrown their old rebellious image and become a wardrobe essential. If you’ve never considered wearing a t-shirt with anything but your favorite pair of jeans, it’s time to update your perception of the lowly tee and take a look at how versatile today’s t-shirt styles really can be.

Office Casual T-Shirts

Wear a t-shirt to the office? With the right t-shirt and accessories, why not? For casual office wear, choose V neck t-shirts in pastel, jewel tone or classic colors. Tuck your tee into a neat skirt or dress slacks and top with a cardigan or jacket. Dress up the outfit with a scarf in a contrasting color or wear it with a pendant necklace and matching earrings.

Tank Tops for Layering

Pick up tank tops in multiple colors to wear under your dress shirts or boat neck sweaters. Tanks are ideal for wearing under wide-necked shirts that would show off your lingerie straps without an undershirt. Choose from different shoulder styles and neckline trims to vary your look.  For instance, lace medallions peek at the neck of open Oxford shirts and double spaghetti strap tank tops show off sexy shoulders without being over the top.

Burnout T-Shirts Over Skinny Rib Tank Tops

Burnout t-shirts feature barely sheer fabric dyed in bright colors and patterns. The thin, threadbare fabric can be a little too not-there to wear alone, so match them up with skinny rib poor boy tank tops and athletic shirts. Pick from matching or contrasting colors that will show through the sheer fabric and make a fashion statement.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts at the Beach

Make a fashion statement at the beach by slipping hooded long sleeve t-shirts over your bikini to protect yourself from sunburn. Choose tunic style t-shirts that hit mid-thigh, or wear men’s t shirts for a fashionable, oversize boyfriend shirt look. If you really want to stand out, choose a men’s hoodie in a hot burnout print for a not-so-cover-up that still shows off your trendy bikini.

T-Shirts on the Dance Floor

Glittery, glitzy, bling-lavished t-shirts are the hottest new look on the dance floor. Slip into slinky, body-clinging tees in silky fabrics and spandex tucked into a flared skirt, or into your favorite jeans. For a really hot look, pop a men’s oversize tank top over your favorite skinny rib sleeveless t-shirt and belt it at the hips or waist with a gold chain for an instant mini-dress that will catch every eye in the club.

T-shirts are hotter than ever, and not just for hanging out with friends. Stock up on fashion t-shirts to complete your summer wardrobe for the office, beach or to go out dancing the night away.