Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trendy Baby Clothes – Comfortable and Cool in Cotton

Dressing your little one in trendy, comfortable clothes doesn’t have to break your budget and it doesn’t have to make your little guy or doll miserable. The trick is to stick with fabrics and styles that have stood the test of time. For baby clothes, that means 100% cotton t-shirts, pants, one-piece bodysuits and dresses in this season’s most-wanted colors and styles.

Why cotton? Cotton baby clothes are the gold standard for comfort and wear. Cotton knit fabrics breathe with your baby’s skin, wicking away moisture and helping keep his little thermostat set to the right temperature. For mom, cotton means easier laundry because 100% cotton knits stand up to the kind of heavy laundering baby clothes demand. You can pre-treat it, bleach it and toss it in the dryer, and it just gets softer and more comfortable. And since cotton takes dyes so well, you can choose cotton baby clothes in just about any color you want, and know that those blazing brights and sweet pastels will still be the same color after dozens of trips through the washer.

Hallmarks of Quality Baby Clothes – Style and Function

Easy care is only one part of the equation when it comes to choosing the best clothes for your baby. Easy wear is at least as important. Choose baby clothes that stay put on a wriggly baby, but come right off when it’s changing time. If you’re just putting together baby’s summer wardrobe, you’ll want to include these classic styles in updated colors and details.

Bodysuits may be the single most functional piece of infant clothing ever invented. Snap-crotch rompers in 100% cotton stay put on even the wriggliest baby, making sure that delicate skin is fully covered from shoulders to hips. For the fashionable baby, trendy acid-wash baby bodysuits come in a rainbow of colors and are cheap enough for you to have one or two for every day of the week.

Little girls look adorable in t-shirt dresses for casual and dressy wear. Choose from a variety of sweet cotton candy and bright citrus solids and prints, and pick styles with modern details like lettuce-edge ruffling and twisted rib necklines. The most adorable styles take a page from big sister’s closet with rocker-style knotted fringe hems and unique mottled dye treatments.

For cool summer evenings and beach cover-ups, pick up a few long-sleeve t-shirts or hoodies. Lightweight cotton won’t overheat baby, but will keep the sun off his/her delicate scalp and pudgy arms.

Pair baby tank tops with cotton shorts or yoga pants for an adorable tough guy look for your baby boy. This summer’s hottest baby boy styles take their cue from big brother’s favorite tee shirts. Pick from camouflage patterns, muscle shirt styles and comfy pull-on cotton shorts with plenty of room for diapers.

When you shop online for baby clothes, you’ll get to take advantage of the latest styles at huge savings, so go wild and dress your baby in style this summer.