Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kavio! Shop & Support

Our future leaders are the children of today, which is why recognizing the importance of education is so crucial. Many of the schools across the country are underfunded and having the ability to provide the necessary tools for students is essential when it comes to student achievement. At Kavio! we believe in the power of community and understand the importance of supporting local schools, neighborhoods and nonprofit organizations, which is why we've developed the Kavio! Shop & Support program.
Local Communities
When you participate in the Kavio! Shop & Support program 10% of the total proceeds from your order on will be donated to the school of your choice and for your participation you will receive 20% off your total order. We're able to combine our appreciation for our customers with our drive to help out local communities. Since our customers decide which schools the proceeds of their order will go to,we can directly support the causes that matter most to them. This program gives our customers the chance to help out their communities just by shopping!
Participating is simple! At checkout, type in the coupon code of the school you would like Kavio! to make the donation to into the Coupon Code box and click apply. You should see your 20% discount applied to the total. Kavio! will then donate 10%* of the total proceeds from your order to the school whose coupon code you used.
Thank you for joining Kavio!'s effort in helping support local communities!

*10% of the total proceeds of your online order that is donated by Kavio! is calculated after your 20% discount has been applied. This discount offer only applies to online retail orders.