Friday, November 22, 2013

NEW! ADORABLE High-Low Tops for Girls & Infant's

With only a full month and some weeks remaining, we're almost there!  2014 is coming so fast, we can almost taste it. Not that we're in a rush or anything, but there's still so many new styles we can't wait to show you!  Not to mention, we're obsessing about the Girl's & Infant's Sunflower Zip Hoodie.  Can't wait until that comes in... And many other new key pieces as well. 

For 2014, we have new high-low tops for girl's and infant's that just came in, and they're darn cute! There is something about the high-low trend that we love so much.  And it isn't something new; however it has definitely been on the market for quite some time. The way it cascades and flows, just makes it so pretty! With a higher hem in the front and a longer back, it's a perfect layering top to transition from warmer to colder weather and a fantastic day-night wear.  The style definitely says, "I'm classy and sophisticated and I like to have fun too!"

And we thought... "How cute would it be, if we made it for little girls?!"
So for 2014, we've added 4 new high-low styles for girl's and infant's. 

1)            The Scoop Neck High-Low Short Sleeve
               * A super fun yet basic essential! This High-Low Short Sleeve top is available both
               for Tween Girl's ages 7-16 and in Princess sizes for Girl's 3-6X.
               Colors: Azure, Black, Ice Green, Island Blue, Flamingo, Pink Flash, Watermelon & White

               (coming soon...)
               * This burnout high-low top is just too irresistibly darling! It features an intricate raw edge 
               finish along the neckline and puffed flutter sleeves for a charming look! Expected to 
               arrive by early December, this burnout high low top will be available for Tween Girl's ages 
               ages 7-16, Princess Girl's 3-6X and Infant's sizes 6M-24M!  
               Colors: Azure, Black, Ice Green, Flamingo, Pink Flash & White

               * An absolute, fashion fix top! This High-Low Ruffle Tee for Girl's and Infant's is sure a  
               charmer. It features delicate double layered ruffles along the neckline with puffed flutter
               sleeves for a trendy look. Available now for Princess Girl's 3-6X and Infant's sizes 6M-24M
               Colors: Azure, Black, Ice Green, Flamingo, Pink Flash, Red & White

4)            The Scoop Neck High-Low Tank
               (coming soon...) 
               * A fun take, on the essential tank! This fashionable high-low tank top adds a girly and fun
               vibe to any outfit! Perfect for layering or worn by itself, this tank top makes 
               dressing easy from day-night. Expected to arrive by late December & early January, it's 
               available for Tween Girl's ages 7-16 and Princess sizes 3-6X.
               Colors: Azure, Black, Ice Green, Flamingo, Pink Flash & White

We're very excited and counting down days, until these super-cute styles arrive! And 2014 can't come soon enough. If you have any inquiries regarding our new styles, feel free to check out our 
NEW ARRIVALS section for the latest updates!