Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ISS Long Beach - Are you going?

The ISS LONG BEACH SHOW is just a little over a week away!
Are you going?

Just to recap a little on what this show is about if you haven't been and it's your first time...
The ISS (Imprinted Sportswear Trade Show) has established themselves to be one of the largest and biggest tradeshows ever dedicated solely to the decorated apparel industry.
It is a NATIONWIDE tradeshow, showcasing great vendors and manufacturers like ourselves to consumers like you.  From screen printing, embroidering, stenciling, and appliqueing supplies to basic blanks staples, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, children's wear, infant/baby apparel, hats, bags and so much more!  You will only find the BEST selection of vendors and unique styles with
supplies and printing equipment you'll ever need.

And if you are going, we came up with a few "TO-DO", "MUST-BRING" checklist you might find useful when you attend the show next week January 22-24th, 2016 
at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

If you're a veteran, than you already know what to bring! 
(But just in-case... here's a little refresher list)
A first timer? NO PROBLEM. Here's a list of things you should do and bring before the event begins...

1) Bring A Note Book - Make a list and note your goals, which vendors do you want to see? Include some of your personal goals and those of the companies "MUST SEE" to visit.  Is there any new styles or products you wish to see in person? Do you need to place an order? A notebook comes in handy incase you need to remember something from meeting a vendor?

2) Research - Spend a little time researching your vendors, so that you'll have a clear idea of whom and what you need to see and what you need to learn from them. That way you'll have useful questions to ask on hand, without using up too much time on "small talk".

3) Plan Ahead - Decide how much time you want to spend at the show.  Tackle your "must see" and important visits first, as they can be overwhelming and can take up much of your time. That way if your day is cut short you won't miss the vital exhibits.

4) Make an Appointment - Consider making an appointment with those exhibitors you really want to meet with.  Maybe you haven't seen everything in person and need to place a sample order.  Tradeshows exhibitors are packed with lots of information and usually bring all their products with them.

5) Teamwork - If co-workers are attending the show with you, maybe split up the work? Divide the show up into sections.  Each team member can sit in different seminars that they specialize in, to maximize the amount of information gathered by the entire team.

6) Handouts - Most exhibitors will carry new information because it is the beginning of the year.  But if everything is still the same, don't grab it.  You will be gathering more weight in your tote bag way before by the time it hits 5PM.

Collect the information that is of interest/important or new for you, or that could be of value for others in your company.  Remember: It's Teamwork. Many exhibitors will gladly mail literature, catalogs, and useful information which relieve you from having to carry so much around the exhibit halls.

7) Business Cards - Quite a hassle, small little paper things they are, but its important to have.
When networking with your vendors, make sure you have enough business cards. Trust us, you will find yourself immersed in speaking to many vendors and helpful individuals.
*So make sure you bring enough! Especially if you placed an order at the show, needed some information mailed or have an important question that needs to be followed up!!

8) Box Tote on Wheels - All those handouts can be overwhelming! A tradeshow filled with over hundreds of vendors, everyone is DYING to give you a handout. (NOT, just kidding) But yes, these handouts can be mutually important! You will find yourself very interested in many companies and the products they offer, but bringing a tote BAG will not be enough! And plus, it would be too heavy to carry around. 
So have a tote box on wheels!  It's helpful because you can easily maneuver though the halls and to carry all your important literature and samples if you picked up any...


In the end... All in all...

These are probably the most useful tips and tricks you could use, especially if you're attending a tradeshow for more than one day.  Don't forget to take a moment after the show to sit and relax!
It makes a great time for you to jot down and reflect on a few things on vendors, ideas and products that come into mind!  Especially something that you thought was effective and can be of use. 
A long travel or long hours at a tradeshow can joggle anyone's memory.

Also, be sure to follow-up with new contacts and vendors after the show.
Having a clear plan and actions will make sure that the time you have spent at the show was
a worth-while investment!

Oh and also... Don't forget!
We have over 75+ new styles this 2016 and we wouldn't want you to miss any of it =)
We'll be at booth#s 2016 & 2017


DID WE MISS ANYTHING? Feel free to comment and message us!

We would love to add more tips and useful information on here...