Ever wonder why we have an exclamation mark after Kavio? It’s because we’re exclaiming with excitement over the fun, fresh look and feel of Kavio! We bring life and energy to the sometimes-dull basic and casual clothing, with refreshing styles and colors. We know that if the clothes fit and feel great, your spirit throughout the day will be great and that’s what we want. Kavio! is all about being carefree, fun, and enjoying life through the comfort of great clothes.

The apparel industry is a tough, competitive market leaving customers with many different options. At Kavio, we strive to set ourselves above the market by offering both great prices and impeccable quality. Our merchandise is manufactured and produced at our very own state-of-the-art facility. Owning our own factory means that we have the advantage and capability to ensure consistent perfection for each garment; and the opportunity to have constant surveillance on all products from the beginning of production to the completion of each garment. This guarantees the fact that all merchandise is made with the same care and quality that will last.

Kavio offers basic to fashion tees that perfectly matches your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re going to the gym, participating in athletics, on vacation or just out with your friends, there’s a Kavio! tee that will fit any occasion and need. Our daily basic tees can be layered for a fashionable look or worn alone for casual carefree appeal. Kavio! is available in Juniors, Girls, Infants, Youths, Ladies and Guys.

Color plays a very influential role in our daily lives. It’s the first decision you make when starting your day and the color you choose may reveal to others what mood you’re in. We understand this role and that’s why we offer 35 solid colors, 9 heather colors, 5 camouflage colors, and 7 cross-dye heather colors for you to choose from. We offer a spectrum of colors ranging from pastel to vibrant, soft to dark and all shades in between. All of our colors are available year round; which gives our customers more options anytime and every time.

Kavio chooses the best yarn to develop the highest quality fabrics for our merchandise. We use only combed ring spun cotton that results in a softer, breathable fabric for a comfortable fit. We have selected 3 different types of fabrication that are the most popular in the market which are Baby Rib, Jersey, and 2X1 Rib. We have chosen the softest fabrics that make you feel and look your best for your daily lifestyle.

Kavio understands how important a healthy work environment is as well as superior work ethics. We have created and established a safe environment for all employees that strictly follows local laws & regulations in the U.S. as well as overseas. At Kavio, we believe that a positive work environment is connected with quality workmanship. We thoroughly respect all employees and hold them in high regard. We are a team that is focused on excellence inside and out.

Your satisfaction is our mission and we love to hear from our customers. Our customer service representatives are trained professionals readily available to assist our customers with any inquiries. Please feel free to contact us with any questions/comments/suggestions @ 888-586-9989 or email us at kv@kavio.com. We continue to build our company based on our customer’s needs, satisfaction and always welcome feedback. We are committed to provide great service and quality to our customers and grow each relationship to further the positive growth of our company.